About SALT

Our Mission Statement:

Shaler Area Little Titans objective is to install in the youth of our community with the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect that each child may grow to strong and healthy children. The objective will be achieved by providing a safe and friendly competition of football teams and cheerleading squads. The winning of games is secondary to the primary objective of our organization. We, the Board, require all members to sign the attached Shaler Area Little Titans Code of Ethics. Appropriate action will take place against any member not abiding these standards. We, Shaler Area Little Titans, always demonstrate good sportsmanship and positive behavior. We as Shaler Area Little Titans must show positive support for all players, coaches, officials, and Parents/Guardians at all games, practices, and events. Shaler Area Little Titans are nothing without the support of our community, players, cheerleaders, coaches, volunteers, board members, and families. We appreciate all the support and dedication.