General Information

It is estimated to cost the program over $76,000 to run the program for the 2024 season.  Unfortunately, registration fees only cover a portion of those expenditures hence the need to fundraise and volunteering.




Below is a screen shot of the 2024 operating budget and fundraising requirements:

2024 Estimated Actuals Budget
Football Budget $27,790.00
Cheer Budget $13,031.40
Game Day Budget $16,479.92
League Operating Budget $18,980.95
Total $76,282.27


Each Shaler Area Little Titans participant’s family will be required to participate in fundraising and volunteering.

The first fundraising commitment is a $100.00 raffle that is already included in your registration fee. Once the season starts each participant will pick up a packet of 10 raffle tickets.  The families will sell those tickets and collect those funds to reimburse themselves the $100.00.

At the beginning of the season, families will also be required to submit 1 undated check for $300.00.  The undated check will be returned to the parent of the participant once the family completes 2 volunteer spots (max 3 volunteer spots per family, with 2 or more children in the program) and completes their second fundraising requirement of fundraising totaling $115.00.